1st Brussels Rainbows trying out the new activities and more!

1st Brussels Rainbows New Activities

Over a few meetings, using the new meeting activities cards, 1st Brussels Rainbows had a Scavenger hunt outside at the park (Survival Skills), made Hungry Caterpillar story sticks (Storytelling) and went back to the park for Trails and Trackers (Survival Skills).

The Rainbows also celebrated a Pot of Gold in the woods and gave a thumbs up to the new activities!

1st Brussels Rainbows New Activities

The unit also took part in a World Thinking Day Party, making bugs and homes, changing faces, conducting experiments, making edible mud pies with insects, den-making and had a Bring-a-teddy meeting.

1st Brussels Rainbows New Activities

Oh what fun, they’ve had!

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