4 Guides Receive Their Gold Award

Guides receive their Gold Award

A big congratulations to our 4 Guides from 2nd Brussels Guide Unit who completed their Gold Award and were presented with their award by our County Commissioner, Emma.

December 10, 2019— The Guides trickled in to the meeting place, each carrying a little Christmas gift with them, wondering who their Secret Santa will be.

But first things first.

After the girls were briefed on the activities for the evening, they settled down to first making some sweet and savoury dips from the Twist that Dish activity under the Skills For My Future theme. The girls experimented with the ingredients and came up with 2 delicious but very different dips. After leaders and Guides had their share of nachos and dips, the girls went on to making their own pizza for dinner. The kitchen was soon filled with the scent of delicious pizzas, which got everyone hungry! When the pizzas were ready, everyone tucked in and had a grand time chatting away. The Christmas and holiday season was near and everyone was happy.

Guides receive their Gold Award

Then, just before we played Secret Santa, Emma joined the meeting to award our 4 Guides who completed the Guide Gold Award under the new programme, following the transition period. Everyone played Secret Santa and the parents then came towards the end of the meeting to witness the special occasion.

Emma gave a short speech about the Gold Award, before presenting the 4 girls their badges and certificates. The girls worked very hard and it was lovely to see them receive these tokens as recognition of that. Needless to say, we had some very proud leaders, parents and Guides that evening!

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