October 2015

Hello Everyone

Emma Nalson

Firstly an introduction as I have taken over the role of County Commissioner from Anne this month. I am Emma Nalson from Brussels & Waterloo District. Whilst I have mainly been a Guide Guider, I have also been involved with all sections at some time. Before coming to Brussels 13 years ago I was a guider in Nottingham, Cambridge and Leicester.

I am very much looking forward to the challenge of my new role.

A big thank you to Anne for her hard work over recent years for Benelux & France County, the BGIFC Thanks badge presented to you at Foxlease this summer was well deserved.

Across the County there have been a couple of other changes this summer. We have new District Commissioners in Toulouse and Brussels & Waterloo, whilst in Luxembourg Sabine has taken on the full role. We have also said goodbye to a number of unit leaders across the County and welcomed new adult members and volunteers. One of the certainties of the nature of our County is that people are coming and going on a frequent basis. In my opinion, it is one of the great things about BGIFC, we learn from others and pass on our learning.

Girls across our County have had an exciting summer. Many Guides, Brownies and Leaders joined others from BGIFC at the bi-annual Foxlease camp and holiday “Discovery 15”. One of our senior section members from Toulouse joined 25,000 other scouts and guides at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan and I accompanied a group of Brussels guides to the Haarlem Jamborette in the Netherlands. In addition there were numerous camps, sleepovers and activities taking place across the units.

Yours in Guiding

Emma Nalson