February 2016

New Year message from the County Commissioner.

Emma Nalson

2016 is the centenary of the Senior section and I am looking forward to hearing about the plans of our units across the County. We also have a County Guide Camp and a County Brownie holiday planned so with local events as well I am sure there will be lots going on this year.

Girlguiding launched its new 5 year plan last year “Being our best” with four key areas: Excellence, Access, Voice and Capacity. It is a commitment to getting even better at what we do and to bring a bright future to all our members. This year I would like to incorporate this into a Strategic plan for our County. So first I would like to hear how any members think. What’s good and what’s not so good in what we do and how can we improve?

For my part I have been looking at some facts and figures across the county. Did you know we have

  • 730 members under the age of 18, of whom 166 are Rainbows, 322 are Brownies, 205 are Guides and 38 Senior Section members?
  • There are 56 units: 16 Rainbows, 20 Brownies, 14 Guide and 6 Senior section?
  • Our Rainbow units have an average of 11 girls, with only one unit below the suggested size and the largest having 16 girls?
  • Across the Brownie units a quarter are smaller than suggested, whilst the maximum size is 24 and the average 16 girls?
  • Whilst many of our Guide units are smaller than suggested, 6 of 14 the units have an average size of 15 girls and a maximum of 32?
  • Throughout the County there are 200 volunteers, of which 98 are unit leaders. Just over 70% of our volunteers are aged 40-60?

I look forward to the coming year, meeting members and hearing about all your activities.

Emma Nalson