Winter 2019

Emma Nalson

A couple of weeks ago the County team, including nearly all our District Commissioners got together for a weekend in Leuven Belgium. As well as completing the level 4 safe space training, we had a great weekend with time to work together to see how best we can support the County and how we can best publicise our units and recruit more members. One of the best ways is by word of mouth - so please, if you are reading this, do spread the word about how great we are and let people know how they can get involved.

Most of our units have by now started to use the new programme material. There are some great activities, and what is wonderful is that many of the ideas are easy to run and do not require lots of preparation. Particularly for new leaders, it makes running unit meeting straightforward. There are probably a few tweaks required to some parts of the programme, and leaders are asked to send any suggestions in to HQ.

Also, one of the wonderful things this term was to see all our districts getting involved in local Remembrance Day services and activities. Located as many of our units are, in areas directly affected by the 1st World War, it was good to see our young people taking time to reflect on this - the 100th anniversary.

Wishing everyone all the best for 2019.

Winter 2019