Summer 2019

Emma Nalson

Across our County, I know that many camps and residential events are taking place—great times to know our young members get to have fun, be independent and explore.

In addition, units are taking advantage of the weather and long evenings to run meetings outdoors and arrange activities for the girls. Thank you to everyone for your time in making these things happen.

For five of our Rangers, this will be a particularly exciting summer as the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia is fast approaching. I am sure they will all have lots of fun and return with stories to tell and to enthuse younger members.

I look forward to hearing from them. Also, we have members travelling to Switzerland and to the BGO week in the UK.

It is nearly a year now since the launch of our new programme. We have a few girls who have completed the new section Gold awards - congratulations from me to them!

As members, we are becoming familiar with the themes, the skill builders and the unit meeting activity cards. It is great to be able to pick up a card and run an activity that has been thought through and developed to help us lead more easily.

At the same time, we can use our own experience to adapt, develop and plan so that we can lead and inspire the girls in our units.

As ever, at this time of year there will be members moving away. Best wishes to you all. Do remember if your young people are moving to a part of the world without girlguiding, there are lone sections which would welcome them and keep them involved.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful summer.

Summer 2019