Autumn 2019

Emma Nalson

We are now a few weeks into the new year and our units are all busy - it is wonderful to welcome new members. In my own unit, I feel very privileged as I have Guides joining from BGO units in Ile de France, The Hague, Cyprus and Malaysia. It makes us all realise how big our organisation is and it is great to hear about where they have come from.

Like many of our members I have made my plastic promise a girlguiding future girl initiative to cut down on plastic waste. You too can sign up at Having taken part in the Future Girl activity pack last year, it is wonderful to see how the feedback from the activity pack is being used proactively to take action in matters of importance to our young people.

Across the County, we are busy planning special events for each section next year - giving girls the opportunity to meet members from other units and districts. Look out for more details of our Rainbow party, Brownie Holiday, Guide camp and Ranger Monopoly run. Thank you to our leaders who are taking the lead on these events.

Autumn 2019