Luxembourg’s County Rainbows Party

Our Rainbows party was held at a party room of a Pizza Hut restaurant. We decided to make this a joint event with both 2nd and 3rd Luxembourg Rainbow units meeting together.

All our Rainbows were very excited about the party and there were only few who couldn’t participate. When all Rainbows arrived, we practiced our “penguin song” which we would sing later to the other units.

Luxembourg’s County Rainbows Party, 21st January 2017

Then the girls got busy making some crafts which the leaders had prepared for them, and when they were finished they all looked great in their paper plate Rainbow party hats and Rainbow bracelets! And then it was time for us to sing our song.

It was exciting for the girls to be singing their song to other units, and we enjoyed watching all the other Rainbows perform. Luckily we had no technical issues at all during the party!

Finally, we made a lovely Rainbow friendship wreath as a memory of this joint event and finished off our party with a nice group photo. All our Rainbows were happy to receive their special badge at the end.

This joint party was a great opportunity for Rainbows of both units to get to know each other, and we are definitely planning to go on a joint day trip before the summer.

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