Guide Section

Guides is for girls aged 10-14 years.

Guides work together in small groups called patrols as well as a whole unit.

They follow the Guide programme which is divided into five areas:

  • Discovery of new experiences and challenges
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Global awareness
  • Skills and relationships
  • Celebrating diversity
Members take part in a wide range of exciting activities which they decide upon at their regular meetings, and at special events or holidays.

Girls do everything from adventure sports to playing fun games, and from taking part in community action projects to the performing arts.

They are able to work towards interest badges and Go For Its.

They can also gain Challenge badges that recognise their participation in guiding over a period of time.

The badges build towards the Baden-Powell Challenge Award, named in honor of the founder of guiding.

If you want to join Guides in Benelux and France:

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