Welcome to the Trefoil Guild

The Benelux and France Trefoil Guild draws its members from the whole County, with members in each of the four countries.

The Guild is unusual because it does not meet on a regular basis as Guilds do in UK.

Our annual meeting takes place at the County training each year when we fulfil our service by providing the catering.

In their own areas, Guild members are also involved in helping local units and when requested, at camps and overnight events.

We each receive a copy of the Trefoil magazine three or four times a year and are able to follow the activities in UK.

There are fourteen members in France, one in Luxembourg, three in Belgium and two in the Netherlands.

In France the members are widely spread, with four in Paris, five in Toulouse and the others in Normandy, Lille and Boulogne.

Among the members there are five men whose help is greatly appreciated when there are lots of leaders to be served at lunch-time.

The Trefoil Guild is open to men and women over the age of 18 who are prepared to adhere to the structure of Girlguiding.

Some members have been guiding their whole lives while others are new to it.